• Stakeholder Awareness of Beacon Program Services
    Stakeholder Awareness of Beacon Program Services Surveyed by AcademyHealth, The Commonwealth Fund and ONC To ensure that the information needs and values of key community leaders are better understood by the Beacon Communities, AcademyHealth, with support from The Commonwealth Fund and in collaboration with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), […]
  • New Health Center Beacon Award Recipients 2011
    HHS awards Affordable Care Act funds to improve quality of care and electronic reporting capabilities in Beacon Communities $8.5 million to fund 85 health centers in 15 Beacon Communities across the country HHS awards Affordable Care Act funds to improve quality of care and electronic reporting capabilities in Beacon Communities; $8.5 million to fund . […]
  • The Beacon Community Cooperative Agreement Program
    Improving Health Through Health Information Technology The Beacon Community Cooperative Agreement Program provides funding to 17 selected communities throughout the United States that have already made inroads in the development of secure, private, and accurate systems of electronic health record (EHR) adoption and health information exchange. The Beacon Program will support these communities to build […]
  • Microbiology | LOINC code for organism identified by mass spectrometry
    Dear all,Does anyone handling test of organism that is identified by mass spectrometry, such as MALDI-TOF?As my knowledge, there is no exact match of current LOINC code for this method.The most relevant LOINC code I can find is "41852-5 Microorganism or agent identified in Unspecified specimen".Otherwise, we are considering to create local LOINC code Microorganism […]
  • Other Lab | Mapping on molecular genetic tests
    Dear LOINC expert and all members,Our genetic laboratory created molecular genetic tests and we are going to peform LOINC mapping. The report is structured from recommendation of College of American Pathology and it included:1. Sample type2. Patient clinical information3. Gene tested4. Disease condition5. Analytical method6. Result interpretation7. Responsible pathologist and medical technologist8. Report date and […]

Healthcare IT for Health Information Exchanges

Healthcare IT (Information Technology) for Health Information Exchanges

Sustainable Success: State CIOs and Health Information Exchange – While NASCIO has continued to track the role of the State CIO in

National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO)

Health Information Exchange (HIE), the recently released issue brief highlights the importance of a sustainable public HIE. State-run HIEs are mainly utilizing two types of usage fees and, in some instances, using a combination of the two. The first model, the transaction fee model, is used when charging for each set of data that is sent or received. The second model, a subscription fee model, allows providers and users to set a predetermined level of data access. The subscription fee can be set at a weekly, monthly or annual rate and may include varying levels of services.


As AHIMA points out, the HIE implementation challenge will be to create a standardized interoperable model that […]