• Clarification on SpO2 method preferences
    LOINC recommends use of 59408-5 rather than HITSP’s 2710-2 for Vitals, and while I’m not familiar with a procedure for attaching an oximeter “where arterial blood surges into the capillaries”, it’s possible that the differential calculation infers saturation for the “new” blood. So far, so good. Less clear is why, given a general consensus that methodless […]
  • How to Sell Eminem Shirt
    Many people like to buy printed T-Shirt, from the silly to the profound. Eminem Shirt are no exception. And just as a fan of heavy metal might want a shirt on that topic, Eminem Shirts often like to buy T-shirt espousing their views and beliefs. If you would like to sell Eminem Shirt-themed T-shirt, there […]

State Level Meaningful Use Incentive Payment Program

The Medicaid EHR Incentive Program is a voluntary program established by Congress, but administered individually by each State and territory. […]