• Reply To: HCG.beta unit with WHO 5th IS
    Wai Kin Cheung, Thank you for your post. We suggest the use of test codes without IS in their name and encourage labs to report that information either as text in the method field of the HL7 message or in a comment when they think it is important. We have found that laboratories are often […]
  • HCG.beta unit with WHO 5th IS
    Dear all memebers, May I raise a discussion on the mapping of Choriogonadotropin.beta subunit [Units/volume] in Serum or Plasma. Currently there are laboratories applying the WHO international standard for the test. And in LOINC, there is a related concept: 20415-6 Choriogonadotropin.beta subunit [Units/volume] in Serum or Plasma by Immunoassay (EIA) 3rd IS Since the WHO […]

Approved HIE State Plans

Currently Approved HIE State Strategic and Operational Plans

Approved State Plans:

The list below represents the currently approved state specific strategic and operational plans for creating HIE capacity.

State Strategic /Operational Plans and State Summaries Entity Responsible for Grant Plan Approval Date California Strategic and Operational Plans To view the documents separately click here (easier download) California Health and Human Services Agency 6/16/2010 Delaware State Summary Delaware Health Information Network 5/17/2010 Idaho Coming Soon Idaho Health Data Exchange 12/7/2010 Illinois Coming Soon Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services 12/10/2010 Maine State Summary State of Maine/Governor’s Office of Health Policy & Finance 8/16/2010 Maryland Strategic and Operational Plans The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 5/14/2010 Michigan Strategic and Operational Plans Amendment 1 Michigan Department of Health 11/29/2010 Nebraska Strategic and Operational Plans Nebraska Department of Administrative Services 11/5/2010 New Hampshire Coming Soon New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services 12/10/2010 New […]