• Stakeholder Awareness of Beacon Program Services
    Stakeholder Awareness of Beacon Program Services Surveyed by AcademyHealth, The Commonwealth Fund and ONC To ensure that the information needs and values of key community leaders are better understood by the Beacon Communities, AcademyHealth, with support from The Commonwealth Fund and in collaboration with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health I
  • New Health Center Beacon Award Recipients 2011
    HHS awards Affordable Care Act funds to improve quality of care and electronic reporting capabilities in Beacon Communities $8.5 million to fund 85 health centers in 15 Beacon Communities across the country HHS awards Affordable Care Act funds to improve quality of care and electronic reporting capabilities in Beacon Communities; $8.5 million to fund . . . →
  • The Beacon Community Cooperative Agreement Program
    Improving Health Through Health Information Technology The Beacon Community Cooperative Agreement Program provides funding to 17 selected communities throughout the United States that have already made inroads in the development of secure, private, and accurate systems of electronic health record (EHR) adoption and health information exchange. The Beacon Pro
  • LOINC Website and Forum Feedback | Re: Regenstrief Launches New Web LOINC Search Tool
    lkubit,If you scroll to the right on the search results grid, the "OrderObs" column will indicate if the LOINC is an "Order", "Observation", or "Both."You can also use this field to restrict the search so that it only returns terms with a specific value in this field. That is, you can include the following search const
  • General Discussion | Re: LNC246 code counts significantly lower than previous
    Thank you, John.Our counts agree with yours when the codes for Loinc parts are not included in the data set; we do include them and saw the large drop between 2.42 and 2.46. I don't know if this reflects a cleanup of the Regenstrief data, or a change in the UMLS files from which we derived the codes or some other issue. I appreciate the reassurance that

Approved HIE State Plans

Currently Approved HIE State Strategic and Operational Plans

Approved State Plans:

The list below represents the currently approved state specific strategic and operational plans for creating HIE capacity.

State Strategic /Operational Plans and State Summaries Entity Responsible for Grant Plan Approval Date California Strategic and Operational Plans To view the documents separately click here (easier download) California Health and Human Services Agency 6/16/2010 Delaware State Summary Delaware Health Information Network 5/17/2010 Idaho Coming Soon Idaho Health Data Exchange 12/7/2010 Illinois Coming Soon Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services 12/10/2010 Maine State Summary State of Maine/Governor’s Office of Health Policy & Finance 8/16/2010 Maryland Strategic and Operational Plans The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 5/14/2010 Michigan Strategic and Operational Plans Amendment 1 Michigan Department of Health 11/29/2010 Nebraska Strategic and Operational Plans Nebraska Department of Administrative Services 11/5/2010 New Hampshire Coming Soon New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services 12/10/2010 New [...]