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Approved HIE State Plans

Currently Approved HIE State Strategic and Operational Plans

Approved State Plans:

The list below represents the currently approved state specific strategic and operational plans for creating HIE capacity.

State Strategic /Operational Plans and State Summaries Entity Responsible for Grant Plan Approval Date California Strategic and Operational Plans To view the documents separately click here (easier download) California Health and Human Services Agency 6/16/2010 Delaware State Summary Delaware Health Information Network 5/17/2010 Idaho Coming Soon Idaho Health Data Exchange 12/7/2010 Illinois Coming Soon Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services 12/10/2010 Maine State Summary State of Maine/Governor’s Office of Health Policy & Finance 8/16/2010 Maryland Strategic and Operational Plans The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 5/14/2010 Michigan Strategic and Operational Plans Amendment 1 Michigan Department of Health 11/29/2010 Nebraska Strategic and Operational Plans Nebraska Department of Administrative Services 11/5/2010 New Hampshire Coming Soon New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services 12/10/2010 New Mexico […]

Federal Funding for State Medicaid HIT Activities

CMS Letter Outlines State Requirements for Medicaid Directors

On Tuesday, CMS issued a letter to Stated Medicaid Directors. This is an update to the State Medicaid HIT Plan (SMHP) Overview from 2009. In July, the ONC issued a PIN (Program Information Notice) to State HIEs entitled “Requirements and Recommendations for the State Health Information Exchange Cooperative Agreement Program.” It outlined responsibilities under the program, recommended roles for the HIT Coordinators, and elements of the state strategic and operational plans.

The Recovery Act provides 100 percent Federal financial participation (FFP) to States for incentive payments to eligible Medicaid providers to adopt, implement, upgrade, and meaningfully use certified EHR technology, and 90 percent FFP for State administrative expenses related to the program.

Section 4201 of the ARRA provides 90% FFP HIT Administrative match for three activities to be done under the direction of the SMA: 1. Administer the incentive payments to eligible professionals and hospitals; 2. Conduct […]

Expanding Health Information Technology Education

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds to advance the widespread adoption and meaningful use of health information technology (HIT) by educating professionals to work in this rapidly growing field. […]

State HIE Regional Extension Center Recipients for Health IT

State HIE, REC Recipients for Health IT

A complete listing of the state HIE, REC and job training grant recipients is as follows:

State HIE Awards:

State HIE Awardee Award Amount Alabama Medicaid Agency $10,564,789 Arizona Governor’s Office of Economic Recovery $9,377,000 Arkansas Dept of Finance and Administration $7,909,401 California Health and Human Services Agency $38,752,536 Colorado Regional Health Information Organization $9,175,777 Delaware Health Information Network $4,680,284 Government of the District of Columbia $5,189,709 Georgia Department of Community Health $13,003,003 Office of the Governor (Guam) $1,600,000 The Hawaii Health Information Exchange $5,602,318 Illinois Department of Health care and Family Services $18,837,639 Kansas Health Information Exchange Project $9,010,066 Cabinet for Health and Family Services (Kentucky) $9,750,000 State of Maine/Governor’s Office of Health Policy & Finance $6,599,401 Massachusetts Technology Park Corporation $10,599,719 Michigan Department of Health $14,993,085 Minnesota Department of Health $9,622,000 Missouri Depart of Social Services $13,765,040 Nevada Department of Health and Human Services $6,133,426 New […]


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